Turnaround Management

"Everything happens for a Reason"

Business under-performance may occur because of one unique event or due to a combination of reasons. Pinpointing the exact cause (or causes) requires both technical competence and analytical insight. At the outset of any engagement, RMA professionals work with clients, along with their legal, finance, and accounting partners, to evaluate the company's circumstances and situation. Some of the issues that must be addressed as information is gathered and analyzed include:

  • Are the objectives of ownership and management realistic and achievable
  • What is the core business, is that market viable, and is the business performing
  • What external factors are contributing to the company's under-performance
  • Is there need to supplement the capabilities of the existing management team
  • Can sufficient cash flow be generated to accomplish the business recovery

The approach taken by RMA is comprehensive in scope; taking into account the crisis management disciplines, financial modeling tools, business planning expertise, merger and acquisition capabilities, and capital sourcing services that may be necessary to help remediate a problem situation. The game plan utilized is "action orientated" - analyze the situation, diagnose the problem source(s), identify practical and achievable solutions, secure the necessary financing/capital, and implement the measures necessary to rehabilitate the company's situation.

Providing the right financial tracking and performance measurement information and communicating with various business stakeholders is critical to any successful turnaround. Monitoring and redirecting when necessary the turnaround plan is an integral part of RMA's comprehensive approach to successful corporate recovery. Again, the efficient and effective use of technology, coupled with past management experience and expertise, differentiates RMA from other consulting and advisory firms when dealing with turnaround situations.