Human Resource Management

RMA's human resource support services provide small to medium-sized businesses with everything from consultation on a specific issues to continuous intellectual support for the HR function. For nearly any type of project, RMA represents a cost effective alternative for solving a client's human resource issues. RMA can provide expertise in managing the basic elements of the human resource function - attracting, retaining, developing, and rewarding a businesses' workforce. Additionally, RMA professionals have the necessary experience to assist management through the really tough, complex issues.

Assisting clients get the best possible performance from their human capital is RMA's goal. This is accomplished by exploring, examining, and recommending solutions to a broad range of personnel and benefit related issues. Many companies can handle the routine human resource functions but never attend to the bigger issue of maximizing the growth and development of their employees. Human resource management, coaching, consulting, training, and administrative services provided by RMA include:

  • Serving as a human resource coach, interim manager, liaison, or special projects consultant
  • Developing and leading customized employee training programs
  • Providing educational development for the Human Resource staff or line managers
  • Working with management on team building, conflict resolution, managerial skill enhancement, and performance measurement
  • Creating or revising employee handbooks
  • Developing and implementing employee performance feedback programs
  • Performing Human Resource compliance audits
  • Designing and/or revising performance appraisal and work measurement systems
  • Structuring both individual and group incentive and performance recognition programs for management and senior level employees
  • Providing expertise and recommendations on certain employee legal and compliance matters

History suggests that managers and owners of many medium-sized organizations do not possess the time, specialized expertise, or inclination necessary to handle many of the above mentioned complex, financially significant, human resource issues without reliance on external advisors. RMA provides these companies with consultation and advice on such matters on an "only the services you need" or project by project basis.