Analysis of Strategic Options

Relying on substantial business experience, technological capabilities, and managerial skills, RMA professionals are well positioned to assist business owners and management in understanding what changes may be necessary for a business to adapt to the evolving marketplace and to take advantage of opportunities inherent in the world's changing economy. Success in today's global operating environment means managing through the life cycle of a company's products, defining markets to be served, selecting and retaining the right leadership, directing and rewarding a dedicated management team, and measuring total organizational effectiveness. Through a collaborative process, RMA's staff can work in an advisory capacity with owners and managers in the following areas:

  • Understanding a company's goals and objectives
  • Developing a Business Plan in concert with goals and objectives
  • Reviewing, evolving, and presenting the Business Plan
  • Communicating the Business Plan to all constituents
  • Implementing the Business Plan
  • Monitoring Business Plan implementation
  • Addressing and reassessing Business Plan issues

A key component of RMA's planning assistance involves an analysis of what management needs to do in order to accomplish a business plan or reorganization. This evaluation may include:

  • Operational processes and systems
  • Leadership and management effectiveness
  • Staffing requirements
  • Corporate governance issues
  • Addressing ownership transitions
  • Cash flow and financing needs
  • Communication needs

By working together with its clients, RMA assists in developing plans that can achieve a business's new goals and objectives. Providing resources for the plan, dealing with change issues, and overcoming real and imagined obstacles are issues that RMA has dealt with many times before in the change management process. Additionally, RMA can help monitor the plan to insure for its successful implementation.