Financial Modeling

Seldom do businesses have the advantage of knowing all the information relating to a prospective decision. However that lack of information, should not be used as an excuse for making an important decision without having employed a rigorous decision making process. RMA can help client's model a situation so that they can challenge their current assumptions and do "what if's" for all of the anticipated variables. While there are no formula'a that will always insure success, fact based decisions almost always yield better results.

RMA has standard templates and programs available to allow its clients to quickly gain an understanding of business plans, forecasts, and operating performance. The ability to efficiently convert both forecasts and actual operating results into visual presentations that communicate and portray a firm's situation and changing circumstances is one of the strengths of RMA's service offerings.

RMA has at its disposal Excel templates, Visual Basic programs, and SQL queries to take financial information, in almost any form, and let it effectively and accurately reflect what is occurring from business operations. Whether it is using the TBAT model, 13-Week Forecasts, or monthly operating forecasts, RMA has the tools and can provide the knowledge necessary to make its client's financial information "shout out" what analysis is required in order that the client can make an informed decision.