Marketing and Sales Management

RMA's marketing and sales support services are oriented towards the management of such functions; whether sourced by a company's own staff, or fully or partially outsourced. Most medium-sized firms do not have the necessary in house expertise or the specialized full-time staff necessary to sufficiently manage these functions. Utilizing experienced executive management advice to better manage market research, market development, sales management, and sales training assignments, can substantially improve the likelihood of increasing sales.

Engagements can range from limited scope market exploration or sales development training to broad-based assignments dealing with the real life business challenge of increasing product sales. RMA can help companies take much of the guess work out of the marketing and advertising functions as well as assist in holding both internal and outside providers accountable. Defining the project and then measuring the results are a part of each assignment.

Defining a business development strategy, implementing a new sales plan, providing staff mentoring and coaching support, and monitoring the results serve examples of the kinds of advisory services RMA can provide. The following listing provides additional insight into some of the marketing and sales related advisory support available:

  • Coaching and mentoring in house managers and staff
  • Developing sales staff training programs
  • Creating customized databases for customer segmentation management
  • Conducting basic marketing research or sales analysis
  • Creating and supporting a targeted sales program "kick off"
  • Assisting with sales prospect lead generation and qualification
  • Designing marketing and sales evaluation and measurement tools
  • Defining and implementing sales recognition and reward programs
  • Measuring customer or business unit profitability
  • Conducting a marketing SWOT analysis
  • Developing comprehensive marketing programs