Business Strategy Development

RMA has unique capabilities to assist clients in developing their business strategies. The most important first step in this process is analyzing a company's current position. This includes understanding the markets in which a company competes, their operating capabilities and performance, as well as their financial status. Such information is essential before an analysis of strategic options can begin. Creating a Business Plan for the implementation of a small project or a multi-faceted business restructuring is the next step in RMA's disciplined approach. The firm's expertise in model building and monitoring systems can then serve to help manage the agreed upon business plan's implementation. Complementing RMA's capabilities, Ken Wolff & Associates LLP, an affiliate firm, is positioned to assist clients locate private equity as well as source debt that might be required to finance the necessary business changes.

Client engagements can be quite varied in scope and duration but tend to fall in one, or more frequently both, of the following categories: