Business Improvement Opportunities

The objective of a business improvement assessment is to help management clearly focus on the immediate issues facing a company and to begin to capitalize on newly recognized opportunities. Such engagements typically focus on identifying either revenue enhancement opportunities to expand sales or process improvements targeted at reducing costs.

RMA can assist companies identify opportunities to expand their current product line, evaluate complementary business prospects, and help businesses diversify by analyzing new, previously unexplored, lines of business. While revenue improvement is highly desirable, an important part of business opportunity assessment is identifying the inherit risks that are always associated with doing something new.

With detailed information, analytical tools, and past "hands on" experience, RMA professionals can assist management identify and implement financial improvement opportunities. Cost control is always beneficial and never pleasant, but RMA has the experience to make cost cutting very effective and much more acceptable to the organization. Some revenue and expense management improvement areas for consideration include:

  • Analysis and metrics of recent operating and financial trends
  • Market assessment of product/service offerings
  • Investigation of company infrastructure and organizational processes
  • Line of business evaluations
  • Business marketing plan development
  • Customer, product line, and business unit performance measurement