Trial Balance Analysis Telmplate

Trial Balance Analysis Template (TBAT)

RMA has various tools to coerce data into useful information and then analyze and communicate the results. One of these is the Trial Balance Analysis Template (TBAT), RMA's proprietary analytical and modeling tool. TBAT provides a mean by which businesses can organize and display critical company financial information to better analyze business performance, forecast future operations, model decision strategies and tactics, and monitor ongoing results against predetermined criteria. TBAT can be integrated with a company's internal financial reporting system; thereby, becoming a key component of management reporting and decision making.

From Data to Solutions

Raw financial and operational data provide little value in their native state.

By applying technology and knowledge to raw data, we convert data into useful information. Information combined with business experience generates knowledge. When knowledge is converted into Actionable Items - Change Happens!

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You will be surprised what knowledge is buried within your data.

TBAT allows for virtually unlimited analysis options and drives a monthly forecast model for income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. Comparative information is provided by: