Capital Sourcing

Capital Sourcing

The combination of experiences in management, corporate finance, and commercial and investment banking at RMA, provides clients with multiple lending and private equity contacts. Being in a position to refer and introduce clients to the "right" business partners helps businesses achieve their refinancing, recapitalization, and ownership transition objectives. Knowing the right sources is only half the job; telling the client's story well is also required. RMA's analytical, modeling, and presentation capabilities allow the client to quickly and effectively communicate their business opportunity to the right capital source.

Examining alternative capital sourcing - borrowing and equity - to supplement internal funding resources is a specialized capability offered to RMA clients. RMA professionals have not only the contacts and the experience, but they also possess previous direct involvement as lenders, borrowers, and investors of hundreds of millions of dollars. Thus, there is a unique understanding of the market, the sources, the requirements, and the processes required to achieve the funding. Ongoing contact with source providers of the following types of debt and capital are key to accomplishing RMA client funding requirements:

A company's desire to change its capital structure may arise from one need or a combination of reasons that might include:

Working with RMA provides access and credibility to the likely sources of credit and capital that may be available to clients. The business community recognizes what RMA brings to the table and how individual financing situations may fit their lending or investment parameters. Our process, outlined below, strives to tailor a client's situation to the most likely capital sources in order to minimize the timeline required to accomplish the financing:

Past client experience demonstrates that with RMA's support and participation, a significant "value added" is provided to all parties - borrower, creditor, investor, accountants, lawyers, and others - involved in a transaction. Execution is everything and RMA's track record has successfully completed transactions as the standard.