Investment Banking

Investment Banking

Ken Wolff & Associates, LLP is a RMA affiliated company that provides investment banking related services for medium-sized businesses. Utilizing the experience gained by our professionals over countless transactions ranging from small to hundreds of millions in size, Ken Wolff & Associates, LLP (KW&A) can provide guidance through a confusing financial maze that is unfamiliar to most business owners. The investment banking work required by most medium-sized firms typically encompasses the Corporate Finance, Merger and Acquisition, and Business Advisory services provided by KW&A and RMA.

Corporate Finance - KW&A assists clients in properly structuring their balance sheets with the appropriate type and amounts of either debt or equity. Providing funding for internal growth, acquisitions, restructuring or refinancing existing debt, equity retirement, and recapitalization for ownership transitions represent some past client engagement work. Knowing the various debt/equity providers and matching them to the client's needs and personality are unique capabilities of the KW&A professionals.

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Merger and Acquisition - A privately held company sale or merger is frequently a once in a business lifetime event. In addition, it is a transaction where confidentiality is mandatory for maintaining the essential ongoing relationships with customers and employees. Understanding the economic and emotional drivers of both the buyer and seller is critical to the process. Properly organizing the M&A engagement then provides the foundation for moving forward and is always time well spent. KW&A has the track record and expertise necessary to select appropriate alternatives and guide negotiations with the various vested parties in order to accomplish a successful transaction.

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Business Advisory - Business advisory work necessary for either a Corporate Finance or a Merger and Acquisition assignment with KW&A is usually done in tandem with RMA. Using the analytical tools and professional staff resident at RMA, complements KW&A's client engagements. In combination, the two firms are positioned to advise and guide business owners that need investment banking services to unique and desired solutions.

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