Managing Change - Change is a part of everyone's personal and professional lives - it disrupts our comfortable ways of doing things, creates anxiety, and forces new, but necessary, outcomes. In the process of managing change, businesses are presented with both opportunities and threats and frequently benefit from external resources that can help define the new landscape and establish an appropriate direction. Change is a normal part of the life cycle of any business and it can be successfully managed.

Richey, Mills & Associates, LLP (RMA) - Since 1996, RMA has assisted business managers and owners deal with many types of change management issues. As a team, RMA has the knowledge, experience and technical skills required to successfully manage change. Our collective financial, analytical, managerial, human resource and marketing experience provides us with a unique ability to understand a client's business environment and then work with the business and its management to determine and implement solutions to current issues.

Our Record/Our Commitment - RMA has had an outstanding record of successful outcomes when assisting businesses through difficult situations. Longevity may be the best testimonial to this success given RMA is a referral based business. Our commitment is to assist our clients achieve what is best for their business. By combining our knowledge and experience with that of the client's, RMA strives to provide real value to a business; thereby, making both our clients and RMA successful in the future.